Golf Course Etiquette

Golf Course Rules and Etiquette  

  • Sign In Required Before Start of Play.
  • All Players Must Be Paid And Require A Bag And Clubs. Extra Walkers And Caddies Are Not Permitted.
  • Avoid Slow Play.
  • Always Allow Faster Players to Play Thru.
  • Groups Larger Than 4 are Not Permitted.
  • Please Pair Up To Eliminate Singles and Twosomes When No Starter Is Available.
  • Groups Making The Turn Will Alternate With Groups Waiting On The First Tee. Singles And Twosomes Will Fit Where Available.
  • Please Replace Divots and Repair Ball Marks.
  • Smooth Bunkers After Shots.
  • Turf Shoes Are Prohibited. Golf Spikes Only.
  • Please Wear Appropriate Attire.

 Golf Cart Rules

  • Operator Must Be 21 Years Old.
  • First Come First Served. Reservations For Special Events Only.
  • 2 Players and 2 Bags Per Golf Cart Maximum.
  • Keep Golf Carts 30 Feet From Greens and Tees.
  • Please Return Golf Cart To Drop Off Area Past Front Door Immediately After Completion of Your Round. Return Keys To The Pro Shop.

 Thank You For Your Cooperation.